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Google Personalized Homepage

A new service by Google has been launched that provides users a personalized homepage where you can add several features offered by Google. Features include the ability to add Gmail, Google News, stock quotes, weather, Google maps, and others to your personalized homepage. Details Below: Google Personalized Homepage Google Homepage F.A.Q.’s

Google Adsense for Feeds

Google launches a new beta program called Adsense for Feeds. This new program will allow publishers to place ads in the syndications. To qualify for the beta program you must have at least 100 active subscribers to participate. Current Adsense publishers can fill out the following form: Adsense for Feeds Application Adsense for Feeds Support

Google Buys

It looks like Google has aquired a social networking service. Although there hasnt been any official comment from Google on this, the guys at Dodgeball did post this on their website. Full story on Cnet