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The Good Old Days

I’ve blogged before about how SMM is a way for companies to reconnect with consumers after years of distancing themselves from their customer base. Well, as you’ve probably heard, one of the biggest corporations on the planet is kicking social media marketing’s tires. recently debuted (to mixed results) to give Starbucks fiends a place […]

“Kristen” v2.0

Ashley Alexandra Dupré. You know who she is. AKA “Kristen,” (NY Times online registration required), she’s the 22-year-old that brought down Governor Client 9’s administration. Ms. Dupré, a musician, is somewhere in between aspiring and not-quite-there-yet. She may be on minute 12 of 15, but she’s not going down without a fight. She’s certainly not […]

Mind Your Manners

In everything, we must play by the rules. Social media marketing is certainly no exception. SMM obviously revolves around social media- things like MySpace, Facebook, Digg and even Wikipedia. Each one of these user-driven communities has its own set of rules. In order for people to trust you and your brand, you have to give […]

SMM: The Great Healer

When the Internet became widely available, many critics (I’m laughing right now at the thought of the Internet having critics. Seriously. The Internet.) said that it could create a culture of isolationism. They predicted people never leaving their homes to work or even grocery shop. There’s certainly a little of that going on in various […]