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Fun with Web 2.0

Many ads reveal just how serious the company takes itself, and they make for unintentional comedy. Take, for instance, this jewel of a commercial. Not to dissect it too much, but there are a few elements going on that combine to make this commercial a complete and total farce. Not only does it have a […]

But How Can I Tell It’s Working

You can’t really blame your clients for asking you, however nettlesome it may be. They are dumping a lot of money into a social media marketing campaign. Everybody knows this by now: It can be so hard to measure the effectiveness of a Social media campaign that clients often lost hope and interest. I think […]

Suh-wing and a miss!

Wow, I am batting .1000 in baseball references lately. You’d think my home team must be on some sort of tear or something. Everybody knows that email pitching is a necessary part of not just a social media marketing campaign, but also of increasing your blog’s readership. It’s an art, though. Think of it like […]