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Increase Website Conversion Rates

A Successful Website Is About Conversions There’s a lot of hype about hits these days, but let’s face it: A successful website isn’t just about how many visitors, or hits, you can attract. It’s about sales. If you get 10,000 visitors a month, but only 1 sale, what good were the other 9,999? On the […]

Website Copywriting – It’s not about you

Your Website Purpose A lot of people get so wrapped up in filling up space on the website that they forget that the website has a purpose and that all website copywriting should be used towards fulfilling that purpose. Your website purpose is to get your website visitors to take action. Typically, the desired action […]

Everybody’s a Writer

When it comes to print advertising, companies understand that there is design and copy. And that you have to have both to make the sale. They don’t expect designers to be copywriters or vice versa. They expect to pay good money for words that sell. When it comes to online copy, these same companies suddenly […]