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When Life Just Blows…Fukitol!

At first, when I thought about posting this to my blog, I thought it had nothing to do with social media or marketing. I though…man: I just can’t resist. It’s hilarious. But then I realized, it had everything to do with social media. That’s what social media is all about: sharing.

New Layout and Blog Conversion

Well, after a very long day of trying to figure out how to covert my former b2 blog to WordPress it is finally done.. Search Engine Help also got a facelift as well, hope you like it. For whatever reason the b2 import script that’s available with WordPress doesn’t work and trying to find an […] Launches

After much delay the Search Engine Help blog has finally been launched! pauses for fireworks.. crickets… crickets…. Anywho, the site will be dedicated to keeping up with the fast paced, chaotic, ever evolving, often frustrating world of the search engines and search engine optimization. So feel free to login, post and share your thoughts, advice, […]