Everybody’s a Writer

When it comes to print advertising, companies understand that there is design and copy. And that you have to have both to make the sale. They don’t expect designers to be copywriters or vice versa. They expect to pay good money for words that sell.

When it comes to online copy, these same companies suddenly get a do-it-yourself attitude. Even though studies show that great web copy is vital to closing the sale, companies are still getting their secretary or part-term intern to write the copy. Why spend a jillion dollars on design if you’re going to drop the ball on the copy?

Luckily, things are slowly starting to turn around. As websites are seen as more and more of a necessary, vital part of an integrated marketing campaign, website copywriters are starting to be more in demand. People are starting to recognize it as a special skill. A website copywriter has to be a good copywriter, first, naturally. However, they also have to understand how their readers read online, and they have to understand the unique nature of online marketing and SEO. A good online copywriter will be part usability analyst and part SEO. They’ll have to know how to work seamlessly with designers and marketers to create a flowing website that leads each visitor from the first word to the buy now button.

So, dish out an extra buck or two for copy. A good online copywriter will return that dollar tenfold for every dollar you spend. A bad one will not only be a waste of money, but may make your entire website design and marketing program a cash sinkhole as well.

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