Website Copywriting – It’s not about you

Your Website Purpose

A lot of people get so wrapped up in filling up space on the website that they forget that the website has a purpose and that all website copywriting should be used towards fulfilling that purpose. Your website purpose is to get your website visitors to take action. Typically, the desired action is for your visitors to call you or to fill out your contact form. Your website should convince people, directly or indirectly, to do that.

How To Achieve Your Website Purpose

So how do you do that? Contrary to popular belief, you dont sell your product by telling your potential clients about yourself. You sell your product or service by answering the one question that is in all potential clients minds: “Whats in it for me?” People that come to your website are selfish. They really don’t care about your company. They care about themselves and their problems. And they want to know how you are going to solve these problems.

Potential clients will be convinced that you can solve their problems if your website answers their questions. Its really that easy. Put your client first. Not yourself.

Customers are there to do research, and lets face it to compare you to the competition. If you dont give them all the answers they need if you falsely assume that they are going to take enough interest in you to call you for answers when someone else provided them the answers with less fuss you will be disappointed 90% of the time.

So you need an information rich website that tells about your services in detail and IN SPECIFICS so that your target audience can get a crystal clear picture of exactly what you can do for them and how you are different from your competitors. Pull away from the generic and portray the real meat of your company.

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