Google TiSP – Free Wireless Broadband

Google introduces (TiSP) free in-home wireless broadband service. The TiSP wireless router is connected via your commode¬ which then links up to fiber optic cable running through your local municipal sewage lines.

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 1, 2007 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)‚ĄĘ, a free in-home wireless broadband service that delivers online connectivity via users’ plumbing systems. The Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) project is a self-installed, ad-supported online service that will be offered entirely free to any consumer with a WiFi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system.”

I must say this is another great April Fools joke by the folks over at Google. For more information about Google TiSP¬ please see the related links below;

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