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Fun with Web 2.0

Many ads reveal just how serious the company takes itself, and they make for unintentional comedy. Take, for instance, this jewel of a commercial. Not to dissect it too much, but there are a few elements going on that combine to make this commercial a complete and total farce. Not only does it have a […]

But How Can I Tell It’s Working

You can’t really blame your clients for asking you, however nettlesome it may be. They are dumping a lot of money into a social media marketing campaign. Everybody knows this by now: It can be so hard to measure the effectiveness of a Social media campaign that clients often lost hope and interest. I think […]

Suh-wing and a miss!

Wow, I am batting .1000 in baseball references lately. You’d think my home team must be on some sort of tear or something. Everybody knows that email pitching is a necessary part of not just a social media marketing campaign, but also of increasing your blog’s readership. It’s an art, though. Think of it like […]

The Good Old Days

I’ve blogged before about how SMM is a way for companies to reconnect with consumers after years of distancing themselves from their customer base. Well, as you’ve probably heard, one of the biggest corporations on the planet is kicking social media marketing’s tires. recently debuted (to mixed results) to give Starbucks fiends a place […]

“Kristen” v2.0

Ashley Alexandra Dupré. You know who she is. AKA “Kristen,” (NY Times online registration required), she’s the 22-year-old that brought down Governor Client 9’s administration. Ms. Dupré, a musician, is somewhere in between aspiring and not-quite-there-yet. She may be on minute 12 of 15, but she’s not going down without a fight. She’s certainly not […]

Mind Your Manners

In everything, we must play by the rules. Social media marketing is certainly no exception. SMM obviously revolves around social media- things like MySpace, Facebook, Digg and even Wikipedia. Each one of these user-driven communities has its own set of rules. In order for people to trust you and your brand, you have to give […]

SMM: The Great Healer

When the Internet became widely available, many critics (I’m laughing right now at the thought of the Internet having critics. Seriously. The Internet.) said that it could create a culture of isolationism. They predicted people never leaving their homes to work or even grocery shop. There’s certainly a little of that going on in various […]

The Real Reason Behind Digg’s Bury Brigade

Other related articles; Digg’s Bury Feature Abused to Suppress Controversial Content The Bury Brigade Exists, and Here’s My Proof

My Lips is Chapped – Friday’s Funny Video

I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I watched this video. Enjoy My Lips Is Chapped by PooPoo Broussard;

When Life Just Blows…Fukitol!

At first, when I thought about posting this to my blog, I thought it had nothing to do with social media or marketing. I though…man: I just can’t resist. It’s hilarious. But then I realized, it had everything to do with social media. That’s what social media is all about: sharing.

Social Media Tips: Part Duece

There is a magic word when it comes to succeeding in social media: share. Social media is all about sharing information. It’s about giving away knowledge. It’s about free content. It’s about respecting your reader: be that your prospective client, your vendor, or your employee. And it’s about giving your reader real tips, tricks, advice, […]

Social Media Tips: Part Uno

So we all know that social media is here to stay, and if you aren’t utilizing a social contact management system in your Internet marketing, you’re behind. But how exactly does one go about using social media? It’s a nebulous Web out there, and marketers are just touching the tip of the iceberg on how […]

Microsoft Listas

New social media tool up on Microsoft Live Labs. This new tool named “Listas” will allow users to create and share content with others. Users will also be able to collect and save video, text bits and web pages as well as bookmarking links and subscribing to feeds that might interest you. By the way, […]

The Search/Social Media Combo A One-Two Media Hit

According to a recent Web Pro News report, one in four Internet users visit a social network at least once a month. And the numbers are growing. Search is not obsolete, by far, but more and more, the Internet is transforming from an informational media to a social experience. Established companies who don’t learn to […]

Google Reader

Google launches a new feed reader (requires a Google account). The Google Reader (Beta) helps you organize content that your interested in and manage rss feeds from news sites and blogs. You can also use the search feature to find and share new content from sites related to your current sites of interest. Google Reader […]