The Search/Social Media Combo A One-Two Media Hit

According to a recent Web Pro News report, one in four Internet users visit a social network at least once a month. And the numbers are growing. Search is not obsolete, by far, but more and more, the Internet is transforming from an informational media to a social experience. Established companies who don’t learn to take advantage of this — and soon — may find themselves in the dust as smaller, more mobile businesses adapt to the changing face of marketing.

Fortune 500 companies are the hardest put to keep up in a technological world where the face of PR and advertising changes significantly every year. Today, consumers expect more — and they expect one-on-one attention, even from the big guys. Social media gives all companies the power to interact directly with their customers, and the big companies should be hiring social media experts to get them in the door with this new technology.

Social media can network companies with their clients: customer product reviews, active discussion on company experiences, syndicated company news, niche marketing to special interest social media sites, or blogging about a company’s expertise. All of this falls into the growing catchphrase of social media marketing.

The search/social media combo is a one-two media hit that no company can afford to do without.

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