Social Media Tips: Part Uno

So we all know that social media is here to stay, and if you aren’t utilizing a social contact management system in your Internet marketing, you’re behind. But how exactly does one go about using social media? It’s a nebulous Web out there, and marketers are just touching the tip of the iceberg on how to best utilize social media to their clients’ advantage.

Here are a few places to start on your social media campaign:

1) Blogging. Duh. Yes, everyone’s doing it, and you should to. Search engines love the blogs and so do visitors. But who has the time to write all that stuff? A good blog takes effort and time. You have a couple of options: a) choose someone from your staff that is a strong writer and who understands your business. b) outsource — but hire an English speaker please. And take the time to talk to the writer and help them understand your business. Yes, this is a process, and it does take time. You’re sure to spend more for a qualified writer who will write strong posts (and not just add random junk to your site), but it’s worth it.

2) Write reviews on your company and get your mother, friends, coworkers, aunt, sister, sister’s dog and whoever else you can think of to write reviews as well. Google Local, Yahoo Local,, and CitySearch are just a few of the places you can start. People do read these reviews, and the information on these sites could very well mean the difference between getting that next client or not.

3) Get a LinkedIn profile. This is a great site to meet other professionals and start networking.

For more tips and info on social media, check out this great whitepaper! It talks about more than just Internet applications, but it really has some great stats on how large companies like Boeing and GM have used social media to their advantage.

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