Social Media Tips: Part Duece

There is a magic word when it comes to succeeding in social media: share. Social media is all about sharing information. It’s about giving away knowledge. It’s about free content. It’s about respecting your reader: be that your prospective client, your vendor, or your employee. And it’s about giving your reader real tips, tricks, advice, how-tos, instructions and
know-how that they will in turn share with their prospective client, their vendors, or their employees.

This is the mantra of Web2.0. Share. Share with content, lots of it. All kinds. Articles, videos, pictures, podcasts, whitepapers. Share with honesty: give in truth of your knowledge. Your generosity will come back to you. Pay it Forward. Share with frequency. Be involved in industry web conversations, your blog, your ezine, your social networks.

And to help you propagate the knowledge that you are sharing here are two quick tips:

1) Syndicate your content with RSS feeds, so people can receive your new content on their Yahoo or Google homepages, websites, news sites, and more. Provide an easy link on your site for people to subscibe to your RSS feed.

2) Utilize bookmark buttons., digg, technorati and other social portals or social bookmarking sites offer buttons that you can place on your website so that people can “bookmark or vote for your site”, “digg your stories”, etc. Make it easy for your visitors to tell other people about you!

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